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GDNC's Mission

We are committed to improving the dental health and lives of New Hampshire residents and aim to increase funding, partnerships and program reach.
We offer care to those who are eligible for benefits, as well as low-cost services to those without insurance or benefits. We are dedicated to offering significantly reduced fees to make quality care more accessible to those who may not be able to afford dental care on a regular basis.
Current economic conditions continue to challenge access to affordable health care. Additionally, many patients travel to our dental clinic due to a lack of similar agencies throughout the state.
The GNDC would not be possible without generous community and corporate support, and the collaboration and dedication of our staff, board, volunteers and the dental community.

I’ve worked alongside GNDC for years.  Last year I upped the anti and offered to pay part of my own commission directly to GNDC.  What that means is that GNDC supporters are genuinely the type of businesses I love working with and can bring value to.  If I have the opportunity to meet with a GNDC supporter business that chooses me as their processor, I pay 1/3 of my monthly commissions I earn right back to GNDC.  It’s just another way to show my appreciation and support to an organization that does so much for our community.

"Beyond, Inc. has afforded our dental companies substantial savings of thousands of dollars.  We are so thankful that we have made the switch.  We would highly recommend this company for your credit card processing.  Plus both the company and our sales rep, Sue Schoenfeld pay monthly residuals to the non-profit of our choosing, the Greater Nashua Dental connection. We couldn’t be happier!”
Co-Owner, Kalil & Kress & Windham Dental


Based in Hopkinton, New Hampshire and supporting small businesses within the continental US, with a focus on New England.

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