Identifying the Advantages of Recurring Billing

When it comes to merchant services, convenience is key, and recurring billing is convenience at its best. Generally speaking, when we talk about convenience we’re discussing how best to support businesses through smooth and seamless transactions. 

Although it’s convenient for business owners by cutting down on time spent managing invoices and communicating with customers, it was really designed with the customer in mind. 

So, what are the advantages for your customers? 

Recurring billing is a user-friendly, non-invasive way to accept payments from your customers. Once set up, there is no need to remind or chase down customer invoices. In fact, provided the payments are submitted on a regular basis and without issue, there really is no need for any business to interact with customers about billing. More to come on a new exciting advantage called “account updater”.

Businesses that offer this option are perceived as willing to be flexible and, let’s face it, in line with the times. When is the last time you penned out a check for a product or service? By offering recurring billing, you remove the rush to find a check, envelope, stamp — or disappear down the digital rabbit hole of online finances. 

Benefits include: 

  • After initial set up, all payments are 100% hands off.
  • Account updater will mean fewer customer calls when a client updates their credit cards due to expiration or fraud.
  • Payments are submitted faster, while clients reap the benefits of fewer late fees and surcharges.
  • Modify quickly with little effort

Ready to set up this feature for your business and customer base? Contact me to help you get started and for ongoing support after you’ve launched