A Small Business Suggestion to Mitigate the Coronavirus Crisis

The news surrounding the coronavirus or COVID-19 seems to change every day, with conflicting reports, convoluted facts, and an abundance of anecdotal evidence streaming on social media from around the world. 

Regardless of your perspective or how it might have changed as this situation has evolved, the common argument for increased vigilance in the name of public health is valid and shared by most. 

But, what does that mean and what can small businesses do to protect themselves, safeguard their bottom line in the long run, and champion public health? 

Here’s one practical piece of advice you don’t want to miss… 

Getting a Clear Read on RFID

We’ve seen restaurants and retail establishments shutter their doors and make the switch to delivery or take-out services in an attempt to bridge the gap in business and, hopefully, manage losses in a way that will allow faster recovery once this chapter comes to a close. 

This is a smart move and certainly practicing good hygiene like frequent and proper handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer when washing isn’t an option, and wiping down surfaces with disposable antibacterial cloths are all steps in the right direction as well. 

Rather than reach for a Lysol wipe every time a customer uses your terminal or stylus to sign for a purchase, make sure your terminals are equipped with RFID readers. This feature allows for hands-free transactions so you don’t have to accept (read: physically touch) the card during the process. 

An added bonus to using RFID readers is that transactions under $50 do not require a signature, which means that stylus or pen can just stay put as well. Given what we do know about protecting ourselves from coronavirus exposure, the less you have to actually handle credit cards, the better for everyone!

If you need more information about how this technology works or how to identify RFID cards, contact me for a tutorial and ongoing support as we come together to champion the small business community during this challenging time.