Why you should consider a partnership with me

Business ownership is awesome! Right?

I choose that word awesome for its double meaning: depending on the context, the word awesome can elicit feelings of inspiration or fear. Isn’t that how business ownership feels sometimes? One day, you’re energized and empowered… the next, you’re overwhelmed and challenged by uncertainty. What you need is a constant — a balancing force that you can steady yourself against, no matter the what you may be facing.

2020 is a year that has certainly exacerbated the uncertainties of business ownership, underscoring the importance of strong customer and vendor relationships and strategic connections. 

Are you well connected?

Are you a professional who’s well connected? A person or business that consults with other business owners? Are you an IT professional, coding professional or software engineer with a unique offering? Do you provide bookkeeping services? Are you a local community bank or credit union? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Prior to merchant processing, I spent 16 years in community banking. Probably not surprising, we had a terrible partnership with a merchant services vendor at the time. Our bank also prided itself on providing the highest level of customer service. Our merchant services person didn’t communicate with our bank employees, didn’t call customers back, and was unresponsive in general when they had questions or concerns. It was a disaster! These were MY CUSTOMERS and it was MY REPUTATION on the line when she failed to respond. It was then I realized what referrals meant to the person referring. And now that I am on the other side of things, I am dedicated to providing the best possible experience for clients and the ones who refer to me.

Build deeper connections with your clients

In my experience, the best partnerships have consistent and honest communication. They work well when the partnership (in this case, the merchant service provider) is completely transparent and recognizes that the referring person has effectively given a personal recommendation to you. When you choose to partner with me, your customers are and will always be your customers, until they become “our” customers. When a problem occurs- own it quickly, resolve it immediately, and disclose it to your partner.

My actual job title at Beyond is Business Advocate. That job title is intentional, because whether the business signs with me or not, I will always provide the business owner with value. My 11 years of successful experience in the industry only proves that I do provide solid business advice and make sure whatever decision a client makes, they understand and enter into it with an eyes wide open approach. I will always advocate for the business even if it means I can’t work with them.

Provide additional value without additional effort

If you don’t have a trusted advisor in the payments industry here are reasons to consider booking an appointment with me:

  • Business owners often don’t open statements because they don’t know how to read them.
  • Some business owners choose a solution because it might be perceived as easy-to-set-up, but don’t understand the significant drawbacks with such a solution
  • Some business owners are oversold on equipment to provide the salesperson more profit (lease agreements are a big red flag)
  • Sales reps in our industry vanish quickly. Orphaned accounts are a thing. “We used to have a person” is a common issue.
  • Business owners often jump from one provider to the next like life insurance- annual fee creep.
  • Business owners see fees on their statements and don’t understand them or know whether they are actually legally necessary.

Expand your offerings

Some of the services I can provide your relationships with include: 

  • Online payment gateways
  • Level II & Level III API and sandbox solutions
  • Payment Processing (merchant services)
  • Mobile payments
  • E-commerce
  • B2B payments (level II & level III)
  • POS systems
  • Alternative lending solutions
  • Online ordering 

Increase your revenue

I’m confident based on my existing partnerships and direct software integrations, we’d make a great team! I’m open to rev share partnerships for the right fit. Let’s connect via phone or Zoom and chat about your business and learn more about how I can help you and your clients. Give me a call at 603-219-3642 or drop me a line at [email protected]