Above and Beyond: Your Unbeatable B2B Payment Solution

Since the day you launched your business, you’ve likely encountered plenty of surprises — little nuggets of information you wished another business owner had let you in on ahead of time. One of those was probably how costly running your business can actually be. 

Sure, we all know you need to spend money to make money. That said, you shouldn’t be paying more than you need to for B2B & B2G payment processing. Especially payment processing solutions that don’t quite fit your specific needs. 

Take a look at our B2B solution for accepting payments from businesses. We’re 100% confident you’ve never been offered this level of customization and flexibility. Check out the details and get ready to continue the conversation with me, aka your personal “Merchant Services Geek.” 

A Better B2B & B2G Payment Solution

Business is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. No doubt you offer your customers choices that prioritize their particular pain points. Shouldn’t your own payment processing offer you the same? 

Simply stated on our website, Beyond’s solutions influence interchange by lowering your credit card processing costs and streamline your payment processes. In other words, savings and efficiency are the priority. How we realize them is something you help us determine based on the unique needs of your business. 

Let’s start with the basics …

  • We optimize all of our B2B and B2G payment processing for Level-2 and Level-3 interchange savings.  In simple terms this means you save more on every card business, government and ghost card transaction. Thanks to secure technology like PCI-DSS-certified payment processing, EMV capabilities, encryption, and tokenization, we mitigate almost any security risks to your business. 
  • You would think that these improvements would come with a higher price tag; in fact, our processing costs are lower, allowing you to save on interchange and processing mark-up from corporate, ghost and purchase cards with pre-populated Level 3 data. 
  • Customer billing has never been quicker or easier, thanks to our simplified bill presentment, including e-invoicing, emailed customer receipts, custom invoice generation, and options to set up automatic, recurring billing — all while keeping your data safe and secure. 
  • Automated billing, along with online payment links and customized reporting all come as additional feature benefits as well.
  • Account Updater allows you to continue collecting without the need to call customers for updated payments; this includes lost, stolen or expired card numbers.  Just imagine the convenience of seeing your payment arrive without having to chase down new payment information.  The card is automatically updated via the card brands without any additional work or effort.  Your staff will fall in love!

This solutions user friendly interface that everyone’s taking advantage even if they don’t accept business plastic! Medical Practices, Service Related Businesses, Storage Facilities, and even Childcare are all excited about the feature set we have available.  

Let’s talk about your business and how our solution can help you improve from Level 1 to Level 3 interchange savings. If you’re ready to streamline your processes and accept merchant incentives from card brands, Schedule a conversationMy clients are so happy that custom integrations are always in the works!

I’m ready and waiting to help you take greater control of your business by prioritizing your B2B payment solution in order to boost your budget and bottom line. Contact me today and we’ll get started!